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L’électrification intelligente au service de la transition énergétique

Smart electrification towards energy transition

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Olivier Chadebec

21 avenue des martyrs - CS 90624
38031 Grenoble cedex 1,France
Office 5-A-004
Tél: +33 (0)4 76 82 62 91

Research interests

I am Directeur de Recherche CNRS in the Electrical Engineering Laboratory (G2Elab) of University Grenoble Alpes. I have the responsability of Mage and ERT Low magnetic fields groups of G2Elab. I am also responsible of the French side of the International Associated Laboratory "James Clerk Maxwell" with Brazil (University of Lyon, USP, UFSC, UFMG). In 2012-2013, I have been visiting scientist in the Technology Centre of Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

My research activities focus on computational low frequency electromagnetism. More specifically, my fields of interest are integral methods, finite element method, inverse problems and also low magnetic fields measurements
For more details, see following web pages:

Complete list of publication on HAL and scholar profile

Short CV

Fault monitoring of electrical machine by leakage flux analysis
Contactor modeling with magnetostatic integral formulation
Closed loop degaussing of a submarine with onboard magnetic measuements and inverse problem solving
Fuel cell stack monitoring by current distribution identification form external magnetic measurements

(Co-)supervision of PhD Thesis (in french)

My PhD thesis

"Modelisation du champ magnetique induit par des toles - Identification de l'aimantation - Application a l'immunisation en boucle fermée d'une coque ferromagnétique", Grenoble-INP PhD thesis, 2001
Download it HERE (in french)

My "Habilitation à diriger les recherches"

"Modélisation électromagnétique basse fréquence, identification de sources équivalentes et métrologie en champs magnétiques faibles. ", Université de Grenoble, 2011
Download it HERE (in french)

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Research Team


Finite elements method, Integral methods, Inverse problems, Low magnetic fields metrology


Bâtiment GreEn-ER
21 avenue des martyrs - CS 90624
38031 Grenoble cedex 1
LatxLon:  N 45°12m9s, E 5°42m11s
Office 5-A-004
+33 (0)4 76 82 62 91
Université Grenoble Alpes