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L’électrification intelligente au service de la transition énergétique

Smart electrification towards energy transition

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Through the versatility and performance that electricity provides to the industrial systems, transport and housing, Electrical Engineering is playing a central and unifying role, reinforced in recent years by the key societal challenge that energy represents. In this context, the Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory (G2Elab) encompasses a scientific scope that extends from materials and devices to the design and management of electrical energy systems. In this field, the activities of G2Elab can be summarized by the following keywords: electrical energy, materials for electrical engineering, innovative processes and systems, modelling and design. With around 100 permanent staff, around 100 PhD students and more than 70 masters students, post-docs and visiting professors, G2Elab has established itself as a significant national and international actor at the heart of the energy efficiency of electrical energy devices and systems.


The Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory covers the whole spectrum of the electrical engineering science, from materials to systems, from processes to actuators, from micro systems to large power systems, from production to usage of electrical power ...

Date of update January 14, 2020

Board of directors

Nouredine HADJ-SAID
+33(0)4 76 82 71 52
Deputy Directors:
+33(0)4 76 82 70 97


Graduate Students Area

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Laboratoire de Génie Electrique de Grenoble
Bâtiment GreEn-ER, 21 avenue des martyrs, CS 90624
38031 Grenoble CEDEX 1

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