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L’électrification intelligente au service de la transition énergétique

Smart electrification towards energy transition

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The G2Elab is organised into 5 research teams and 2 transversal research groups. With their recognised scientific skills, they have long been used to organising themselves to bring together people and resources for the research projects they are called upon to handle.

The laboratory's scientific strategy, whether it be the development of new research areas or the elimination of topics that no longer present a challenge, is the subject of scientific advice, which is itself fed by a technological watch and an analysis of industrial or academic "roadmaps".

G2Elab encourages innovation and the resourcing of its researchers by funding upstream research, outside of any partnership research context, within the framework of the Carnot Energies of the Future Institute and from its own budget. This ability to support emerging or disruptive fields, which is not very widespread and is strongly encouraged by the pooling of the Laboratory's financial resources, enables it to maintain an essential scientific lead...

G2Elab maintains and develops its potential for experimental resources, particularly within the strategic framework of research platforms. It invests humanly and financially in the construction of training / research structuring poles, capable of moving from concept to demonstrator. This development involves the contribution of shared technical centres on a laboratory scale, in the fields of mechanics, electricity, electronics, instrumentation and IT.

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