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L’électrification intelligente au service de la transition énergétique

Smart electrification towards energy transition

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The CMF team: Advice and Expertise

The CMF team is specialized in the modeling and measurements of magnetic fields generated around electromagnetic systems. Our aim is to analyze the source effects to reduce the anomaly. We study magnetic anomalies in the range of some nT to some tens of µT, from DC to around 1 kHz in frequency.

The CMF team is especially dedicated to research activities focusing on:
  • Identifying complex magnetic sources, and on
  • Anomaly reduction using inherent characteristics of the sources, or using external passive or active shielding solutions.
Our research activity applies to both defense and civil fields.
The CMF team also put its expertise at the disposal of companies or other laboratories for specific needs in low magnetic field studies and measurements.
Our know-how spans:
  • low magnetic field measurements,
  • expertise in magnetic degaussing and deperming,
  • magnetic shield design,
  • characterization of magnetic sources using numerical modeling and experimental measurements.
To achieve advice and expertise works, we use reliable and proven numeric tools, and the overall precision offered by our experimental facility, the LMMCF (Low Magnetic Fields Metrological Laboratory), operational since 1995.
In LMMCF, quality is a major concern. Quality includes traceability of devices and procedures. In accordance with ISO 9001 quality norms, our reference magnetometers are metrologically traceable. We use the Magnetic Characterization Laboratory (LCM) which is considered as a secondary international reference by our most demanding partner, the General Delegation of the Armament (DGA).
Of course, we control all the other reference equipments, such as voltage references and precision multi-meters. As well, acquisition system, field simulator and some other devices are verified on a regular time basis. All the due calibration documents are available. We have always been committed to an approach based on quality and traceability.

Some examples of our advice and expertise activity:
  • Experimental characterization of shielding performances of very high permeability alloys, elaborated by Aperam Alloys Imphy,
  • Helium magnetometers fine deperming for SWARM spatial mission of CEA/Leti,
  • Study on the dimensions of a shielded room for the Mécagis company,
  • Modeling of magnetic interactions between satellite magneto-couplers for the CNES,
  • Measurements and modeling of equipments used by French Navy mine-cleaner divers (portable sonar, self-contained breathing apparatus) for General Delegation of the Armament (DGA).
Advice as to very high precision magnetometers immersed in deep waters, and possible suppliers. Our good relations with the main suppliers made it possible to fit and improve existing magnetometers to our very demanding needs. Furthermore, our good knowledge in technical English and German proved to be very useful to finalize this project for DCNS.

Date of update November 14, 2018

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