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L’électrification intelligente au service de la transition énergétique

Smart electrification towards energy transition

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CADES is a software based on software components for the design and optimization of multi-physics systems.

Main functionalities

Modeling is defined in an equation based language, integrating physical phenomenon but also complementar paramaters including economical aspects.
Model is then parsed and analysed, generating computer code which is finally encapsulated in a software component called ICAr.
CADES services are able to treat ICAr components to simulate, or optimise the device.


ICAr component

An ICAr component owns the following caracteristics :
  • It can be deployed and can be executed autonomous because it embeds all its resources.
  • It is a black box model (details of model are hidden)
  • It accessible by programming interfaces defining services (SOA : software oriented architecture)
  • It can be composed with other ICAr components
  • It is pluggable inside other environments (Excel, Matlab, Portunus, AMESim, iSight, Got, ...)

Component generator

Algebraic equation of the model are defined from our language SML (System Modeling Language). Equations are sorted automatically to defined computable model. Algorithm parts can also be included like loop and conditions. It is also possible to import extern model from C or Java languages, or an ICAr component to define a composition.

Main functions are :
  • Syntax model analysis,
  • Automatic computer programming of the model in C or Java.
  • Symbolic derivation or automatic differentiation to produce model's Jacobian matrix.
  • Embeding inside a java archive file.
A 2D modeler allows also to define a parametrized gerometry of the device. This vizualisation can be embedde in the ICAr file and is then available as a service of the component.


Using ICAr component: service units

CADES offers some service modules using ICAr components. Modules of simulation (static or dynamique), sensitivity analysis, and optimization.

Component Calculator

Component Calculator module allows to define model's parameters and to compute or plot the model. A sensitivity module using Jacobian information is also included.

Component Optimizer

ICAr components have been designed for optimization under constraints. Jacobian matrix available in components is very usefull for optimization algorithm like Quasi-Newton ones (SQP, Interior Point, ...).
To treat local minima, genetic algorithms are also available. Some mixed strategies can be defined by the user, taking advantage of each algorithm.
For multi-objectif optimization, pareto curve can be plotted by deterministic or meta-heuristic approaches (NSGA II).


CADES software is available for download :


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Date of update October 13, 2020

Université Grenoble Alpes