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L’électrification intelligente au service de la transition énergétique

Smart electrification towards energy transition

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Highlights 2020

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Optimisation d’un convertisseur SiC aéronautique

To be completed

New concept of « multi-step » packaging for natural voltage balancing of series-connected SiC-MOSFET

Series connection of high speed switches like SiC-MOSFET is a new challenge for high voltage converters connected to grid. Voltage balancing is managed with a new « multi-step » packaging : the packaging is helping voltage balancing in addition to active solutions.
Involved persons: Luciano ALVES (PhD candidate), Pierre LEFRANC (Associate Prof. G-INP), Pierre-Olivier JEANNIN (Associate Prof. UGA), Benoît SARRAZIN (IR G-INP), Jean-Christophe CREBIER (DR CNRS)

Phi2 self-oscillating inverter with Free-Running structure

Upgrading converters to higher frequencies is limited by actual commutation cell-based structures. This work proposes to go beyond this by studying and designing GaN transistor resonant electrical converters operating in the VHF frequency range (30MHz-300MHz). By combining a self-oscillating drive with a single-transistor class φ2 VHF inverter, the Free-Running structure made it possible to operate without the drive stage while reducing gate losses.
Involved persons: This work, funded by CEA and in collaboration with G2Elab, involved Rawad MAKHOUL (PhD student), Xavier MAYNARD (IR CEE), Pierre PERICHON (IR CEA), Pierre-Olivier JEANNIN (MCF UGA) David FREY (MCF UGA) and Yves LEMBEYE (PR UGA).

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To be completed

DC/DC converter for HVDC grid interconnection

The increase in the use of electricity requires the provision of new high-voltage direct current interconnections for submarine and underground connections. One of the solutions to create an HVDC network on a continental scale (Supergrid) is to interconnect existing links. The objective of this work is to study the conversion structures and their control in order to ensure interconnection of these links and to offer ancillary services in order to ensure power transfers, but also fault management.
Involved persons: This work, made in collaboration between ITE Supergrid and G2Elab, involved Juan PAEZ (PhD candidate), David FREY (MCF UGA) and Seddik BACHA (PR UGA)

Multi Active Bridge based insulated mutli-sources converter

The development of renewable energies, storage and DC LV networks requires the design of isolated multi-source conversion systems. In order to reduce the number of conversion stages and therefore maximize efficiency, the development of converters based on multi-winding transformers (Multi Active Bridge) is an interesting solution. The aim of this work is to understand the internal operation of these highly coupled structures and to propose models and control laws to ensure power transfers.
Involved persons: Involved persons in this research activity are Soleiman GALESHI (PhD candidate), David FREY (MCF UGA) and Yves LEMBEYE (PR UGA)

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